About Me

I am currently the Theology Teacher at North County Christian School, having graduated from The Masters’ College in 2009 and studied at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I love the Lord Jesus Christ, my local church, and my wife.

Innocence Restored began in 2006 as I found myself awakening to the Lord’s call towards vocational ministry. I named this blog after the most beautiful truth I could find, namely that the sacrificial life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ has taken my guilt and restored me to innocence before the throne of God.

One may be quickly known by the company he keeps, and a minister is quickly known by his books. Those who have most profoundly influenced me are Jonathan Edwards, Iain Murray, Paul David Tripp, John Piper, and Jim Hamilton.


2 responses to “About Me”

  1. Janeen Wilson says :

    This Sun. AM the sermon was given by our Pastor’s assistant, who just happens (!) to be a graduate of The Master’s College. He spoke on James 1: 1-12 and closed his sermon by reading the letter which Mary Love wrote to her husband, Christopher, on the eve of his beheading. That left everyone silent, seeing the attitude she had regarding trials sent their way. God was glorified in the way Christopher and Mary handled that upcoming death. I know another member of our congregation was going to look up that letter via Google, and I wonder if he (and others) might have landed upon your website , as I have, as a result of searching for and finding a transcript of Mary’s letter. It’s a keeper ( or bookmarker)! Thanks for including it on your site. In your blog of Aug. 26th, 2011, I read the dilemma of the Scriptures vs. books about the Scriptures. I’ve found myself often reading the latter with more enthusiasm than the former. I think God must want us to discover that there must be greater joy in being inspired by reading what the Holy spirit wants to impart to us through His word than reading 2nd-hand inspiration, even tho that can be exciting at times. Guess it might be OK, occasionally, as long as we don’t end up worshipping and praising that particular inspiring author (e.g. John Piper or Apollo of the New Testament), instead of giving God the glory for the inspiration. (I see you haven’t deleted Piper’s books from your Favorite Books List!) I’ll try to get back once in a while to reading more of your “Innocence Restored” site. …a Believer from western NYS.

  2. dovelike says :

    You said this: “the most beautiful truth I could find, namely that the sacrificial life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ has taken my guilt and restored me to innocence before the throne of God.”

    I ask: how can a truly guilty person be restored to innocence before God? Can someone who has broken the law of God be said to be innocent? Even if one repents of sin, the record of that sin or the fact of that sin cannot be removed if one is truly guilty. The blood of Jesus is not a magical substance to remove sin. It is not something that denies the facts – for that would be lying.

    I do not say in asking this, that Jesus did not remove your sin. I am simply asking because the logic of how is unanswered by all the theories of atonement. Therefore the Gospel is denied rather than preached by “theology” – it is denied by the totally unBiblical claim that all deserve hell.

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