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Theology Department Website

I just launched a website for my school’s theology department. What it lacks in sizzle it makes up for in functionality. From this site students can download the necessary documents for their classes. If you’re ever looking for resources, please feel free to use the syllabi posted. The most helpful material would probably be found in the Church History and Biblical Theology courses. The Church History course has about 20 documents posted of the greatest literature in Christian History, complete with study guides. The study guides focus on comprehension of the document, comparison with the Scriptures, and application to the present day. The Biblical Theology course will have study guides throughout the entire Bible, focusing on interpretation and application. The website may be found at


My Prayer for Our School

Glorious Father,

In your kindness, for your glory, through the power of the Spirit of Christ, I ask that you would make the students, staff, and faculty of North County Christian School people who. . .

  • Gaze up upon the cross and see the result of their sin
  • Stand at the empty tomb and know the greater power of God
  • Are filled with the Fruit of the Spirit, because the Spirit is in them
  • Remember their creator in the days of their youth, that when they are old they might not depart from your Holy Word
  • Live lives that make unbelievers stand back in wonder about the power of the gospel
  • Confess their sin to you and to the brothers and sisters they have sinned against
  • Experience and hold forth the fullness of forgiveness
  • Gladly suffer ridicule for righteousness’ sake, knowing they are being treated the same way as their master
  • Are sowing small seeds of faithfulness to inherit large fields of harvest
  • Find Truth to be unalterable, though all else may ebb and flow
  • Love honesty, even though it might be injurious to their circumstances
  • Yearn for holiness rather than worldly honor
  • Saturate their minds with Scripture, not Spotify
  • Care more for compassion than cleverness
  • Are known for respect, not rebellion
  • Desire diligence, not dissipation
  • Love maturity more than movies
  • Would rather be educated than entertained
  • Live to make much of Christ and not themselves
  • Endure to the end

You are the God who is worthy of all honor and praise and glory. Transform our hearts that we may magnify you. Amen.