Helpful Words from Further Down the Path

In case you missed it, Scott and Mary Connell led a discussion tonight at Boyce College Dorm Meeting about dating and relationships. Thirteen years of marriage and seven children has a way of qualifying them to speak to us about such things. The last few minutes of their talk were devoted to things girls wish guys knew and vice-versa, followed by a charge of what to do while you wait.

What Girls Wish Guys Knew About Them

1. (Almost) Every girl wants to get married.

2. It’s hard waiting to be pursued.

3. Because of (1) and (2), hearts are very tender and very easily wounded by emotional antics and games. Every action you take in pursuit, therefore, is a big deal and should be treated seriously.

What Guys Wish Girls Knew About Them

1. We don’t understand you. We try, we really do. But we just don’t get it. Be merciful.

2. It’s really really hard to be bold, especially in a culture that does not emphasize courage.

3. We are driven physically and visually in ways you do not understand. This is not a bad thing, but you can bless us by helping us through your dress.

What to Do While Waiting

Work in the power of the gospel to become the kind of person that you desire to attract. Ask yourself this honestly: Would I marry what I am now? 


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