So Begin the Interviews, Or Not

Tomorrow will see the dawn of Student Leadership interviews for the students of Boyce College. The last two weeks have been a flurry of applications and references and conversations about leadership potential. But now all the forms are in, the times are set, and the interviews will begin.

I remember stepping into the intimidating environment of Jeff Lewis’ apartment in Slight Hall at The Master’s College for my own RA interview, now five years ago. Five men I greatly respected sat in a semicircle, each with pen and paper or laptop in hand, a lonely-feeling chair placed opposite of them. I sat, and the questions began. For forty-five minutes these men sought to leave no stone unturned in my life. Some of their questions left me rejoicing at God’s evident grace in my life; others left me ashamed at the memory of moments when I did not appropriate that grace. I froze, I monologued, I showed them who I was as best I could.

Tomorrow may mark the day interviews begin, but that’s a rather misleading note on the calendar. The reality is that interviews have been ongoing from the very first day of school, and in the case of the references’ responses, often for the entirety of their lives. We would all like to believe that gaining a title in some way changes us. But it doesn’t. A title is a platform that lifts up what you already are. A wedding doesn’t take an apathetic man and turn him into Leonardo da Vinci, and a pastorate won’t make a self-promoter a humble servant. The best it can do for such a man is show him how deficient he is, that he might learn his need for grace. There is no switch in the Christian life, nothing to throw that will instantly transform us into what we wish we were without the work being such would require.

So for those about to interview, take a little piece of advice from one who’s been where you are: Just be honest. We’re all in process, we’re all growing. There will be graces you haven’t seen that will be revealed tomorrow, and there will be strands of sin revealed that you never realized were an issue. Both are acts of kindness from the Lord to you. Praise God we’re being transformed from one degree of glory to another, and he’s promised to complete what he’s begun.


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