Use Your Cell Phone To Kill Your Sin

The second she walked through the door I knew that we might a problem. I was working as a math tutor, she was a high school junior who had been assigned to me weeks before. Except that particular day she must have dug through the closet and assembled her outfit from the clothes haunting the dark recesses of the closet – clothes that somehow didn’t get donated with the rest of the shirts and shorts she had grown out of a few grades ago.

Five minutes into the tutoring session I did what any red-blooded human male should do. I excused myself to the restroom, pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and lit up my friends’ phones with emergency “here’s the unescapable situation, pray for me” texts.

They did. And the strength given to my heart for the next hour was noticeable.

For some reason this episode from almost a year ago has been in my mind today. I share it as an idea in the war on sin. Joseph’s exit strategy isn’t always possible. But there’s always the text. What better ally than fellow brothers in the battle standing beside you as you seek to murder your sin? Depression and  sins of the tongue and bitterness and anger and jealousy and lust and sluggardry and lasciviousness and self-promotion and paralyzing fear haunt us as believers.  Pull out your cell phone and enlist the body of Christ for immediate aid. God’s mercies are found in strange places sometimes. Even in technology.


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