Golden Seminary Quotes I

“There are some doctrines that if, come judgment day it turns out I’m wrong on, I’ll be really mad about. ‘You know Russell, the paedo-baptist were right.’ ‘What? Are you serious? The paedo-baptists? You’ve got to be kidding me!’ The age of the earth is not one of those. I’d shrug my shoulders and say “Well, okay.” (Dr. Russell Moore)

“If you teach your people a caricature of wrong positions, you will only serve drive them into those wrong positions when they encounter them. If you present evolutionists as a bunch of idiots and they prove not to be that, you’ve undermined everything that you have taught those people under your care. You were wrong about the evolutionists, what else were you wrong on?” (Dr. Russell Moore)

“Talk the way the Bible talks.” (Dr. Jim Hamilton)

“The problem with our prayer lives is not that we pray about the same old things every time. We naturally pray for the things that are important to us. The problem is that we pray for the same old things in the same old way.” (Dr. Donald Whitney)

“For those with mental illnesses, they need to realize that their radar is out and surround themselves with those who are not. All of us have times when we need others to help us. We need to realize our weak points and work to insulate ourselves with the wisdom of others….People can have ethical intuition skewed. Wisdom is recognizing it.” (Dr. Russell Moore)

“How does mercy relate to love? Mercy is a kind of love, but not all love is mercy. The Son loves the Father, but the Son does not show mercy to the Father.” (Dr. Russell Moore)

“We have to understand the system in wrong worldviews in order to blow it apart, not just caricature the system. It’s scary because we can’t just demonize them. There’s a reason why people believe what they do. They’re not stupid. There are usually good things in different systems, but they all have gaps.” (Dr. Russell Moore)

“Evangelical ethics usually goes wrong by thinking through individual ethics before ethics within the church. We see Paul judging people inside the church in 1 Corinthians 5, not those on the outside. People in the congregation like homosexuality sermons because its an ‘Us vs. Them’ situation. But we soften how we handle divorce. We call it a ‘tragedy’ instead of a ‘scandal,’ while railing on what is done on the outside of the church.” (Dr. Russell Moore)

“When you have weak eccleseology and strong political identification, you have people who are incensed if you insult a political figure but not about disbelieving the Trinity. They’ll tear up over Lee Greenwood’s ‘God Bless the USA’ but never shed a tear over ‘Holy, Holy, Holy.'” (Dr. Russell Moore)

“When faced with sinful issues, resist the temptation to build a hedge and bind people’s conscience for the sake of the few who struggle. Don’t ban computers from your people’s homes because some of them use internet pornography. It’s much harder to teach people to submit to Christ and love righteousness than make up rules for them to follow.” (Dr. Russell Moore)

“There is no silver bullet to protecting religious liberty other than a massive movement of healthy churches that the government is scared to mess with. As long as churches decline, religious liberty will decline.” (Dr. Russell Moore)

“You want all people to come into the church and experience an embassy-like experience of the Kingdom as an outpost of it, yet recognizing where it is in the context. A USA embassy in Saudi Arabia must be American. But there also must not people people chanting ‘U-S-A Rules!’ outside. Know your context and understand the transcendent Kingdom. We’re all satellite campuses of Mount Zion Church of Heaven right now.” (Dr. Russell Moore)

“A wedding is not a bling show. It is a covenant, not an expression of the love of the couple. The community verifies that the couple ought to be getting married. The opportunity to voice against the marriage is the center of the ceremony, as the community affirms or denies the legitimacy of the union.” (Dr. Russell Moore)

“Generational divides within the church exacerbate sexual issues in the church. We blame the younger people for the divide. No! It’s the older people who have neglected to train them. Older men with younger men, older women with younger women. We have to train our young people how to fight the battles against Satan’s potential inroads.” (Dr. Russell Moore)

“Men, have you heard the rumors of about this class? Let me tell you it’s far worse than the stories. I’ll never trick you. I’m coming with the 105 mph fastball every pitch. You are Joe Theismann and I am Lawrence Taylor. And I’m coming for your leg every single play.” (Dr. Russell Fuller, Elementary Hebrew)


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