Today I walked away from my homework early and stole away with my Moleskine journal to my quiet spot on campus where I go when I just want to get away. It’s been a couple of weeks full of drowning in the intensity of Jonathan Edwards’ philosophical inquiries into original sin and the nature of true virtue, coupled with Michael Horton’s dissection of liberal German theologians debating about the exact nature of the image of God and the hypostatic union.

All of this learning makes me prize the simplicity of the gospel all the more. You can study for an eternity and never come to the end of it, yet it can be contained in just a few short words or verses, simple enough for me to understand and believe just shy of my fourth birthday. I spent my time in the spring afternoon writing out what matters most to me, the treasures of the shallow end of the pool that I never want to lose while diving for nuances.

Things I Am Happy to Believe

  • The placement of my sin on Jesus Christ and His righteousness upon me through faith in his sufficiency to save and sanctify.
  • The infallibility and clarity and continued relevance of the Scriptures as the revealed mind of God to man with purpose.
  • The real and present guidance of the Holy Spirit away from error and towards truth through the application of the Word.
  • That all true happiness comes from a delight in His person, His gifts, and His will being done on earth and heaven.
  • The church of Jesus Christ is His bride, His beloved, cared for by Him as He prepares her for eternal glory.
  • Hope is not directed primarily at this life, but rather towards the next – the new creation in which we are co-heirs.
  • The purposefulness of all things, as God brings to pass His pre-existent plan for His own glory and our good, both of which are the same end.
  • The wrathfulness of God towards those who doubly rebel by rejecting first His rule and secondly His mercy.
  • The creation, though subjected to a curse because of human sin, is meant to be delighted in as God’s good gift to man.
  • The constant intercession by Christ for man before the throne of God the Father.

Praise God for these truths.


2 responses to “Simplicity”

  1. Carrie Foldberg says :

    Nate, you remind me of Piper in your poetic provocative prose and your treasure of our great and glorious God in all His manifestations of our inheritance. I was thinking last night I can’t believe you were with us as an intern for only a year. What an impact you had, bud. You are still very much missed, but we are so thankful for where you are and the Lord preparing you for ministry.

  2. Jim Brooks says :

    Great list. I didn’t see any thankfulness for your parents in the list!

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