It Could Have Been No Other Way

You needed a Savior. That’s a terribly humbling fact. But there are many different kinds of saviors. Some saviors save by inspiration, men whose courage and candor stir the hearts of those around them to do great things. Others save by example, painting with their lives a canvas of images to imitate.

But those are not the kinds of Savior you needed. The kind of Savior you needed is not so photogenic as the first two. You needed a Savior that had no stately form or majesty. You needed a Savior whose only crown would cause blood to run down his head as thorn pierced scalp, enduring sin He would be paying for only moments later. You needed a Savior whose clear and penetrating call from the cross spoke what was to have been your lot: My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?

We all know the answer to that question. This is no Savior whose saving comes on the white wings of an appeal to the courage or goodness of those being saved. This is a Savior who is both the ransomer and the ransom. To save others, He must give Himself. It is a great manner of mercy to ransom another, to give your gold for their freedom. It is a far greater degree when your own body and the rending of your union with the Father is the ransom.

But we could have had no other Savior. If God was to save, He had to give His Son. An infinite debt may only be paid by an infinite being. And so it was to be that Jesus Christ, the god-man, was smitten of God.

By His stripes we are healed.


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