Singleness Conference

Already, there are probably humorous quips running through your head about the very name of this post. Yes, I’m publicizing a conference for singles. No, it’s not that kind of conference for singles.

Undivided is an annual one-day conference designed to exhort the unmarried to use the unique window of singleness to strengthen God’s church and fix their eyes on Christ and heaven. This year’s theme is “The Glory of the Gospel: the Docrtrine of Imputation.” The four speakers are David Forsyth, Milton Vincent, Alex Montoya, and Bobby Scott, all of whom are men who are known for their faithfulness in handling the Word of God.

Undivided will be held Saturday, February 19th 10 AM-9:30PM at Foothill Bible Church in Upland, CA. Registration costs $40 until February 11th and includes an In-N-Out lunch and a Juan Pollo dinner. Also some readers might be interested to know that Undivided will give you the chance to hang with Peter Bugbee for the day. After the 11th, there’s a $10 bump up in cost. To register, go to

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