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Yahweh save!
From Adam’s sin
that dwells within
my soul.
The whole
of all my righteousness
is naught.

Yahweh save!
From deeds I’ve done
against Your Son
and You.
For true
the accusations are
of Guilt.

Yahweh save!
From thoughts that damn
this wretched man
to wrath.
The paths
I’ve walked within my mind

And Yahweh saved!
What once was dark
Now bears the mark
of Light.
And might
to quench the power of sin

Oh, Yahweh save!
From misplaced zeal
that does not heal,
but harm.
The swarm
of joy did overgrow
my love.

Oh, Yahweh save!
From dull return
to fires that burn
For sin
Though crushed still fights to rule

Oh, Yahweh save!
From darkened days
and shadowed rays
of light.
The fright
of heav’nly silence chills
my faith.

Oh, Yahweh save!
From intellect
that left unchecked
would swell
that fell
and ne’er complacent beast,
my pride.

Oh, Yahweh save!
For You know well
how I would sell
my all
for You.



Trust in Yahweh and do good…Delight yourself in Yahweh and He will give you the desires of your heart…Do not fret; it leads only to evildoing.

Psalm 37:3a, 4, 8b

There is no space between trusting and fretting; no green stretch of unoccupied land between between two opposing armies. There is trust and there is fretting. Where there is fretting, there is no active delight in Yahweh. Where there is no active delight in Yahweh there will be evil.

Let not anyone cheapen the meaning of the word “delight.” It means exactly what we think it means when we first hear it, before the mind has time to soothe the wounded heart with redefinitions that bury conviction under a landslide of intellectualism. If a man is to know God, he must feel. If a woman is to do good, she must yearn.

Let us repent of our far-too-often mechanized Christianity and pray for the Holy Spirit to kindle Jeremiah’s flames within us when they have gone dormant. (Jer. 20:9)


From my journal today ~

Twenty seconds stole the spotlight in Chapel today. The preaching pastor at the largest church in North Carolina was preaching today. He of the 14,000 person megachurch. A phenomenally gifted communicator, a man who had previously taken over Dauphin Way after the whole Steve Lawson deal went down and actually reformed the church the way Lawson wanted to.

But he was not the star today. Before he spoke, an 85 year old man was honored. Graduated from Southern in ’54, pastored a few small churches, lived as an itinerant evangelist for a while. They dedicated a suite in Legacy to him, decked out with his portrait donated by his friends. He didn’t know it was coming, and was given the microphone for a moment by Mohler. This wise old man full of the battles of pastoral ministry stared at us young seminarians and said “The last time I was in this room was as an insignificant member of the graduating class of 1954.” He paused. “I am still insignificant, but I thank you for the honor.” With that he stepped back, thanked Dr. Mohler, and walked off the stage.

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time. 1 Peter 5:6