Frost, And Cost

A grey haired man once told the tale
Of paths diverged in snowy vale
And forced to make a choice by time
He chose the one less travelled by.
And while this summons visages
Of brave careers and untamed hearts
Such free and noble images
Could only tell the smallest part.

For what of when the silence falls
All thick and deep upon your heart
The full impenetrable wall
You built by choosing to depart?
And what of days when former ills
Attack again with renewed strength
The days of when the darkness spills
From founts you thought were sowing grace?

So count the cost and weigh the price
For glamour cannot spur you long
Upon the trail hard-blazed by Christ
Of whom the world has turned upon.
The nails for Him and nails for you
Might take a different shape and form
Yet both are crafted to imbue
You faith within the rolling storm.


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