It’s dark outside now. From my third-story brick window I can just see the top of the James P. Boyce memorial library rotunda, illuminated against the night sky. The parking lot is quiet, save for an occasional couple returning from a date on their last night unencumbered by duties. Tomorrow will begin the journey of many towards their hopes and their dreams; the beginning of the realization of many prayers answered.

The last few days have been full of advice. Some of it has been good, some has been bad. “Don’t expect to grow much spiritually in Seminary” said one student about to graduate. No, no. If our growth in knowledge does not lead us to a greater love and passion for the Lord, then something is wrong with our hearts. The knowledge of the Lord is not inert, it is not static. The word of God pierces, wounds, divides heart from sin. That’s what it does, and it can do no other.

And then there’s the advice of wiser men like Dr. Russell Moore. One of the main reasons I’m here is so that I can study under Dr. Moore. Beware. You’ve painted a bulls-eye on your back by attending here. Satan is craftier than you are and does not want to expose your sin now. He wants it to fester and simmer, until you’re in a place where you can take down a church. While that isn’t an absolute statement, it is probably generally true. There are dangers in learning much. There’s a reason Ecclesiastes is in the Bible.

I do not pretend to know all that awaits me over the next three years. There will be more joy than I expect, and there will be more sorrow and hardship as well. It’s impossible to anticipate what a God who is out for my best interest will bring about, for my vision is short-sighted and His is sighted past the end. And so, as I turn off my computer and go to bed, I’m excited to think about the adventure that lies ahead. The steeple of Boyce Library has witnessed many first days of seminary. I pray that we all are yet another link in the chain of men who have sought to learn well, that we may love and lose our lives for the cause of Christ day by day.


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