Getting What I Don’t Deserve

Sometimes the Lord’s blessings can be convicting. I received a call from Southern Seminary a couple of days ago finalizing a few details: housing, parking permits, etc. During the conversation I was informed that my on-campus apartment wouldn’t be available until August 9th. Given that I was planning on rolling into Louisville on August 3rd, this was a small problem. Grumbling internally, I hung up the phone.

The next day I opened my email inbox to find a message from Student Housing telling me that things had changed and I could move in on the 3rd. First thought: happiness that I wouldn’t have to couch-surf for a week while trying to find a job. Second thought: conviction that I never once prayed about this situation and, even worse, I never gave a second thought to my grumbling heart.

It is incredible when God gives blessings in response to prayer. Our prayers merit nothing, yet He answers them because of the blood of Christ. It is even more incredible when God gives blessings despite the fact that I offered up not prayer, but offense. What a reminder that God’s grace is not dependent upon my sinlessness. It is dependent upon Christ’s sinlessness. Even when I sin, God’s favor does not slacken or contract. His favor is not grounded in me, but Himself.

Psalm 67:7 has long been a favorite verse of mine: “God blesses us that the ends of the earth may fear Him.” How thankful I am that I am blanketed inside the ends of the earth. God’s blessings are about His glory, about Him being made much of before His creation. There are a thousand things I don’t understand about redemption, but I do understand that the cross made it possible for me to receive what I do not deserve. Including an early move-in date.


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