Finding My Name on

Throughout my entire life I’ve always assumed that there has to be someone out there dumber than I am. Today Rick Reilly of dismantled that illusion. They say everyone has 15 minutes of fame. Good to know mine went towards a noble cause.

(For explanation of the picture, read the article.)


4 responses to “Finding My Name on”

  1. Mark says :

    You know, I think I’d want my 15 minutes of fame to be for something a little smarter than this. But that could just be me.

  2. Gunner says :

    Mark: You make a great point, but Nate actually has four posts under the “Fifteen Minutes of Fame” category, which is mathematically suspect and logically questionable, but nonetheless the reality. We can only hope his other 45 minutes of pomp and circumstance have proven to be more dignified and more generally profitable for humankind as a whole. Though that’s up for debate.

    Nate, with a full hour of fame under your belt now, and much more undoubtedly on the way, be sure not to get a big head. Big heads make easier targets for Sharpies.

    Congratulations, enjoy your book, and long live Slight!

  3. Jim Brooks says :

    That’s my boy! Good to know all those dumb “guy games” we did while you were growing up finally paid off. So, which one are you in the picture?

  4. brooksnj says :

    I’m the one getting hoisted to the cannibal feast. Left to right are Nick Rozema, Cole Jeffrey, Michael Duncan, Ben Mouser, and Travis Rickard.

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