A Thought & A Poem

I always let poetry I’ve written settle for awhile before publishing it. There’s a couple of reasons behind this practice. First, I’ve found that the well which feeds writing poetry is typically much stormier than the well which feeds writing prose. It’s good to vet the emotion behind the poetry as much as the words themselves. Second, good poetry is personal yet cryptic in a way prose is not. I want to be careful about presenting myself or my circumstances in a myopic, alarmist manner – especially when the topic is suffering. That being said, I wrote this a few months back:

“Oh God!” I cried,
“It hurts much more for You to pry
My gaze away from lesser lights
To You than I had thought
For You I sought
Assuming that the cup of pain
You drank for me was Yours alone.
For how could God condone
For greater Hell
Be swallowed up by Christ and not
Absolve the lesser horrors as well?”

“Oh God!” I cried,
“Forgive! For I have sought and tried
To scale and gain the happy heights
Apart from what You’d taught:
That joy is bought
Through faith amidst the pain.
For darkened days You have me sown
That you might more be known.
And I will tell
What’ere You make my earthy lot
When I have You, all else is well.”


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