In Praise of My Church

Yesterday half of our church body was away on the annual Cornerstone Church Campout. Pastor John Marc and most of our young families took to the Oceano campgrounds, and I led the services back up in Atascadero. This Friday-Saturday-Sunday event has been a spring highlight for several years, but this year added a new wrinkle: We now have two services on Sunday mornings. Which means we have twice the Sunday School teachers, twice the ushers, twice the A/V crew, and twice the nursery caregivers as in previous years. And the need doesn’t lessen just because half the congregation is in Oceano.

This week demonstrated yet again that our church body isn’t full of consumers. On their own initiative, ushers from the first service realized we were shorthanded for the second service and stayed to serve. Others stayed to teach. I didn’t even realize it until someone mentioned how many people had unexpectedly stayed to serve when the need became apparent. What a blessing it is to serve in a church where the members themselves identify needs and step up without fanfare to sacrifice for the sake of others.


One response to “In Praise of My Church”

  1. Kevin says :

    Hi Nate, hope all is well. I don’t get around to too many blogs, but I found myself wondering about you tonight, so… Your comments on May 3rd were helpful tonight. Sometimes we all start wondering is it worth it, am I doing anything, does it really matter? Your brief reminder of other’s efforts and needs helped me out. Not life changing perhaps, but well timed and very encouraging. Take care and God bless, kevin

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