God Will Share

God will share:

His love with me (John 3:16)
His family with me (Romans 8:16)
His inheritance with me (Romans 8:17)
His sustaining grace with me (2 Corinthians 12:9)
His reproving grace with me (Hebrews 12:6)
His joy with me (Psalm 16:11)
His presence with me (Revelation 21:3)
His mercy with me (Ephesians 2:4)
His riches with me (Matthew 6:20)
His patience with me (Romans 2:4)
His eternal life with me (Matthew 19:29)
His sufferings with me (Philippians 1:29)
His favor with me (1 Peter 2:20)
His righteousness with me (Romans 4:6)
His truth with me (John 20:31)
His compassion with me (Exodus 34:6)
His inter-trinitarian love with me (John 17:23)
His protection (John 17:11)

But two things He will not share:

His wrath with me (John 18:11)
His glory with me (Isaiah 42:8)


2 responses to “God Will Share”

  1. Jessica Hughes says :

    Nate, you do a good job at making me cry…

    In the right way….Thank you!!! This was incredibly encouraging and comforting.

  2. Andrew says :

    Thank you Nate. It is very powerful to think of what God promises us, knowing that He is faithful and not slow to fulfill His promises.

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