Four Reasons Why I Love the Church

(Note: I’m going to use the “little-c” church in this post because I’m talking about a local incarnation of the body of Christ and how it interacts amongst itself. While the discussion about how the (big-C) Church interacts interdenominationally is important, it’s not what I’m focusing on here.)

1. The church can only be explained by the supernatural. People from every background and every current interest come together and are unified because of a common love for the Word of God. The redemption of the human heart is a powerfully transforming thing, taking people who should have no care for one another and making them people who are indeed brothers and sisters. We are able to love because He first loved us.

2. The church does small things that are big and important realities. Churches support missionaries and pregnancy centers and urban rescue missions. Very few people or churches could ever individually support an entire ministry. But through doing their small part to help send a life-bearing missionary family overseas, the church is participating in the worldwide plan of God for redemption.

3. The church cannot and will not hide its faults. The church is full of sin and sinners. I’m one of them. What other institution is eager to let the world know that it is imperfect? Rather than be debilitated by its lack of perfection, the church does well what it can do well and seeks to be honest and grow in the areas in which it is weak.

4. God’s bitter providence and sweet providence are displayed side by side in the church. God is building everyone in a church differently. Some are undergoing heart-rending trials. Others are experiencing circumstantial blessing. And both encourage one another as they see the Lord building His own image in each other’s lives.


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