White Christmas Overload

Here are a couple of pictures from my Christmas with my family. I woke up one morning to a five-foot tall snowdrift on our porch. I shoveled more snow over a thirty-six hour period than I’d shoveled in my entire previous 23 1/2 years of life.

This is my brother’s 93 Toyota Corolla. Eventually we had to tow it out because it couldn’t get any traction on the ice that encased the wheels, even after we dug it out.

This is our across the street neighbor’s front porch. After finishing our own front porch, the Brooks men and others helped dig out his front door. The house next to his had no snow on the porch whatsoever.


2 responses to “White Christmas Overload”

  1. B-dizzle says :

    Actually, I have a Camry.

  2. Gunner says :

    Wow, we got a lot in Tulsa, but you got a whole lot more.

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