When I Forget…

When I forget that I am a soldier…

  • I weary over hardship, forgetting that the call to the cause is more important than my comfort.
  • I grow complacent, forgetting that I fight an enemy that never rests.
  • I am surprised at wounds, forgetting that combat is never safe and never easy.
  • I look with condescension upon those who fall, forgetting that no soldier is invincible to the enemy when he lets his guard down. 

When I forget that I am an athlete…

  • I tire of hour upon hour of training, forgetting that ease and improvement are contrary to each other.
  • I lose sight of the prize, forgetting that the treasure of Christ is abundantly worth running hard after. 

When I forget that I am a pilgrim…

  • I let my gaze wander from the path to the fair things around me, forgetting that all they can do is weigh me down.
  • I sigh in discontent when fellow travelers are few, forgetting that narrow is the gate and narrow is the way. 

When I forget that I am a farmer…

  • I chafe over the lack of immediate results in ministry, forgetting that seeds take time to sprout and grow.
  • I sow sparingly, forgetting that the bounty of harvest depends upon diligence in sowing.
  • I curse the rain and the heat, forgetting that what causes my discomfort is necessary for the strength of the crop.

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