Small Prayers Answered

Just a few minutes ago, a buddy from the dorm stopped by to see if I could give his friend a ride to LAX at 4 AM tomorrow morning. He would have driven his friend himself, but my stick-shift car thwarted that possibility.

Though I happily agreed to drive him, I prayed that God would provide someone with an automatic! Five minutes later, another friend stopped by and mentioned he was heading to LAX at 3:30 tomorrow morning.

It’s something small. God didn’t cure someone of cancer here tonight. But God is pleased to answer many of the “small” prayer requests. I want to praise Him for that tonight.

God blesses us, that all the ends of the earth may fear Him.
Psalm 67:7


One response to “Small Prayers Answered”

  1. tugopedia says :

    Yes! I like God.

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