Freedom’s Paradox

(Based on Romans 6:1-7)

You fool! You fool! Your tongue’s not right
And change your thoughts from base to bright
This grace that’s precious did appear
And ought to teach the heart to fear
It does not license wickedness
But shadowed hearts are missing this:
When Christ had died upon the tree
Resided there both you and me
We’ve died to sin, our souls expunged
Of awful, wicked tendency

If you were numbered on that morn’
In water and in coffin sworn
Allegiance to a Master new
Who raised us up into virtue
The splinters of the cross are shared
‘Twix everyone who ever dared
To raise the flag of Him who hung
Upon a tree. And then has sung
For joy at resurrection bright
By death, this new life has begun

Though taken off a cross and laid
Fast in a tomb, (but not to stay)
A form remains upon the wood
Where in my place condemned He stood
The body ripe with sin and death
Has yielded up its final breath
Gone are the whips of thorns and cords
The slaver’s tools broke by two boards
And freedom’s paradox is right:
The living dead know true reward.



One response to “Freedom’s Paradox”

  1. Dan Warne says :

    Shadowed hearts ARE missing it! Grace is for fear and freedom, sin brings death to those in the devil’s kingdom!

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