Blogging: A Snare and A Joy

I wonder how much more effective blogs would be if we didn’t care about sounding profound. I’ve sat here and tried to write about three different blog posts, all killed by my attempts to be too fancy with words. Writing from a heart devastated by the truth of God’s Word as mediated by the Holy Spirit is harder than I’d like to admit. My pride wants to sound wise. Pride wants to write something that will cause people to remember me. Pride cares little for the glory of God and much for the glory of self. And I think it’s really easy to write for the glory of self while thinking you’re writing for the glory of God.

WordPress has two dangerous features: the comment page, and the statistics page. It’s easy to write something that will get comments. Controversy stirs people to share their own opinions. Or, write something unusual. My two most commented on posts are the one on raising your hands in worship and my interpretive poem about Abraham and Isaac. It’s really easy to chase comments. I’ve done it. And God faithfully disappoints. Likewise, the statistics page can easily become an idol. For those of you without a WordPress blog, it tracks the number of hits your pages and posts get per day. The more hits, the more people are reading your blog. And it feels good to have people read my blog. And sadly, oftentimes it feels good not because they’re reading about the Lord, but because they’re reading my thoughts about the Lord. It’s easy to lower the goal from writing for the glory of God to writing for influence.

This isn’t a “I’m done with blogging” post. On the contrary, I deeply enjoy blogging and wish I had more time to write. Rather, I want to say to my fellow bloggers what has been pounding through my head every time I sit down to write a post: be careful. Be careful. Blogging can be a God-glorifying, soul-sanctifying, lost-reaching, conversation-starting tool. Or it can be a deadening, burdening iron, used by Satan to sear the soul into searching for personal glory. I’m privileged to be part of the TMC blogging circle and praise God for the work he’s done in my life through the blogs on my blogroll.

Soli Deo Gloria.


One response to “Blogging: A Snare and A Joy”

  1. Andrew says :

    Thanks, Nate! I need this one.

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