Twenty-Two Reasons Why Christians Suffer


  1. Suffering displays the radiance of the glory of God
  2. Suffering drives us to dependence upon God
  3. Suffering reminds us of our frailty
  4. Suffering shows the nations God’s faithfulness
  5. Suffering makes us pray
  6. Suffering produces endurance
  7. Suffering makes us joyful
  8. Suffering serves to authenticate our salvation
  9. Suffering makes us long for heaven
  10. Suffering makes us thankful for Christ’s suffering
  11. Suffering reminds us of hell
  12. Suffering reminds us of the fallenness of the world
  13. Suffering makes us wary of Satan
  14. Suffering gives others the ability to serve
  15. Suffering strengthens the faith of other believers
  16. Suffering makes us grateful
  17. Suffering raises our eyes from ourselves to God
  18. Suffering may be a result from sin
  19. Suffering may be an authentication of righteousness
  20. Suffering paid for my sins, and is part of my identification with Christ
  21. Suffering displays the passion of God for His saints’ perfection
  22. Suffering makes the light of the Gospel shine in darkness of Satan’s kingdom

Suffering is never easy or pleasant, but it is God’s will for His followers as He relentlessly pushes us toward Christlikeness.


2 responses to “Twenty-Two Reasons Why Christians Suffer”

  1. Irreligious says :

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Irreligious!!!

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