Thoughts From The Last Month

Often I think of a lot of things I want to write about but simply don’t have time to do so at the moment. This leads to a large stockpile of ideas and nothing actually done with these good thoughts. So, instead of continuing to sit and wait for time to write a whole post (and never finding the time to do it), I’ll just publish these thoughts.

1) How much of the counsel and instruction you give can you prove from the Bible? I don’t mean “is it in Scripture.” I mean if I give you only a Bible and say “Prove it” can you do it? If you can’t then chances are you’re basing your life off of Piper or MacArthur or Behle or your RD instead of the Word of God. That’s called being a grandchild of God.

2) People worth following are people who understand that they are not worth your attention but for the sake of Christ in them and the need of the kingdom are willing to lead.

3) I deprive the Bible of its convicting power and instructing spirit when I spiritualize it’s words. “You lust and do not have; so you commit murder” (James 4:2) Murder doesn’t mean “he got mildly upset.” It means you killed someone or hated someone (thereby committing murder according to Jesus) because you don’t have what you want.

4) God cares about our problems more than we do because at stake is His glory, which He cares about infinitely more than we care about our own holiness.

5) Guilt has one purpose: to drive us back to God. In sin, we are legally guilty for transgressing the Law of God. Guilty feelings are red flags reminding us to return to God and repent.

6) The frustrated feeling of “I should have realized this connection before” when sitting under teaching is unwarranted. It is putting excessive trust in my own reason and intelligence. God uses others’ studies to open door of thought for me. Humility receives such instruction.

7) No one expects to fall away.


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