Humility (II)

I had no idea this post would be written when I published the previous post on humility. I had intended to sit down and write a post about perfection and the process of sanctification tonight. Instead, the Lord provided an object lesson and a chance to practice humility. Eventually I’ll write the post I had planned, but it can wait.

I’m hideously incompetent at car repair. I can change the oil, add windshield wiper fluid, and know not to take off the radiator cap when the car is hot. Beyond that, don’t call me for help. Today, that became very apparent. At least I wasn’t alone.

Several friends from Oak Manor and I went to see 3:10 to Yuma this afternoon, which is a very manly shoot ’em up sort of movie. Our testosterone high was shattered very quickly by something known as a flat tire. More truthfully, it wasn’t the tire which brought us back to earth, but our own ineptness. Imagine six college age men standing around a car in the local Quiznos parking lot, trying ineptly to change a tire. Every time we tried to use the lug nut wrench, the wheel would spin around, robbing the wrench of all power.

Out of the Quiznos store walks an eighteen year old female employee and shouts across the parking lot, “Lower the jack! Get the lug nuts started with the wheel on the ground, then raise the car up.” You know, that made a lot of sense. Friction really works when you use it right. She then proceeded to tell the driver all about driving with a donut on. (Turns out that’s what the spare is called.) Our egos were greatly damaged. No man should ever have to take advice from a girl on how to fix his car.

It takes a lot of grace to be humble in such a situation and graciously accept instruction. It made me think. God uses the most unlikely of people to often make the most significant contributions to my spiritual growth. Thankfully, the grace of God kept me from snapping back a harsh “I know” to her–Especially because she probably was an unbeliever. The battle between grace and pride is an ongoing, daily occurance. When I wake up in the morning, my pride attacks me with a vengance, for it does not sleep. It is always alert and always ready to destroy my witness to others and veil my relationship with my Savior. A good test of humility comes during embarrasing situations. Do I act in humility when all I want to do is save face? Does the grace of God in my life overcome my own desire to look like I have it all together?


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