21: Thank You, Lord

I celebrated my 21st birthday last Friday. And on Saturday it occured to me–how wonderful it was to wake up and not have a hangover. Unlike a lot of people, I can remember all of my birthday celebration, and all I did that late night/early morning (which was sleep). And through it all, I remember how much better Christ is than alcohol. I’ve never had any alcoholic beverage, and have no desire to. The Bible teaches that drinking is not wrong, so long as one does not get drunk.

I’ve heard stories from people I respect who were unbelievers at the time of their 21st birthday. The drunken revelry has absolutely no appeal. Why? Christ. I can say wholeheartedly, “By the grace of God I am what I am.” I am so thankful to my parents for raising me in such a way to point me to Jesus Christ as the fulfiller of all my desires and needs. God has led me to seek Him in the days of my youth, as Ecclesiastes urges. The ultimate “thank you” goes to Him for 21 years of life, and for 17 years of knowing Him. Thank you, Jesus for Your death so that I might live.


2 responses to “21: Thank You, Lord”

  1. Rob V. says :

    Congrats and Praise Jesus! Same thing on my 21st. Now 28, I can still say I’ve never been drunk. I see no appeal in it at all, never have.

  2. Greg W says :

    Congrats on your Birthday Nathan! I haven’t spoken with you in a ridiculously long time, but your 21st seems like a good time to say hi again!

    Glad to hear you had a good birthday. Hope the rest of your sumer goes just as well!


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