Utah: Home of the Latter Day Saints (6)

Only two more days of Utah left! It has been a blessing to reflect once again upon the mercies of the Lord specifically expressed through my time in Salt Lake City/Ogden. His mercies truly are new every morning. Every day is a fresh expression of His grace, and in Utah we were specifically dedicating every day to share the gospel of Christ with those who do not know Him. There was one simple chorus which seemed to be the prayer of our team. I heard it independently sung by at least three of us on multiple occasions. It is nothing extravagant, nothing glamorous. Just the prayers of fifteen college students realizing their own inadequacies

Spirit of the Living God, Fall afresh on me

Spirit of the Living God, Fall afresh on me

Melt me, mould me, fill me, use me

Spirit of the Living God, Fall afresh on me.


This morning started early. We shoved off from The Blue House at 6:15 am in order to lead chapel at Intermountain Christian School. Brought back old memories from my high school days at North County Christian. Only today, I was the one preaching. It was my first time preaching ever…which is ironic given how I feel the Lord moving me to be a pastor. I sat down last night and began to write a sermon out of 1 John 5:20. About 3/4 of the way through, I realized that I wanted to speak on an entirely different subject. Cameron advised me to tear up the old sermon and speak on what I felt I ought to preach on. I was up until 2am writing it, but I’m glad I heeded his advice.

I modified my blog post “The Gravity of the Gospel” and added to it. We don’t seem to talk about the character of Jesus Christ and the incredible love He has for us. I never heard a sermon on that topic in high school chapel, but it is quite foundational to my personal walk with the Lord. I hope the Spirit used my words to be a blessing to someone in the chapel. It was only a 20 minute sermon, but I really enjoyed it. Which is a good thing considering my planned future.

We had originally thought Jr. and Sr. High each had their own chapel services, so Cameron was going to preach to the Jr. High, and me to the Sr. High. Turns out they were combined, and Cameron quickly volunteered me to preach instead of him. What a sacrifice on his part. He was up until 2am writing his sermon as well, but never once complained about not being able to preach. Jennifer and Heather led singing, Cameron and Jennifer shared testimonies, Keenan and Leslie passed out Jesus Christ:Joseph Smith DVDs to the kids. It was truly a group effort.

During the last song, Russ leaned over and whispered intensely, “Nate. Are you wearing bowling shoes?” “No.” “Nate. Give me your shoe.” Russ took my shoe up on stage, and said it was a bowling shoe, then passed it around the room to determine if it was or not. The whole time I was preaching (from my socks) I watched my shoe travel around the room from person to person. Good ole’ Russ. After chapel, we all answered questions about college asked by a senior Bible class. They all should come to Masters.

I came back to the Blue House to finish up the bathroom with Cameron. The toilet is leaking again. Putting this bathroom back together is proving to be a greater difficulty than it ought to be. We have an expert coming in, so hopefully he will be able to undue the damage we have done. As I type this, Rod is attempting to psychoanalyze all of us in The Commons. He’s…not doing so well. But, boredom will never reign supreme on our team!

Running around with some elementary school kids at ICS

The Cal Baptist team arrived today. This is “Johnny Mac.”

More Cal Baptist friends!

Rebecca packing Joseph Smith:Jesus Christ DVDs. We packed over 3,000 all total.


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