Celiac Disease

This article is CNN Online’s “Health Minute” article for today. I ordinarily wouldn’t post anything of the sort, but this particular article has some personal meaning to it!

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease eight years ago, and I am thankful the doctors discovered it as soon as they did. (The article explains more.) Having this condition has taught me more about self-control and discipline than I ever would have learned otherwise. And for that, I am grateful.


One response to “Celiac Disease”

  1. Gluten Free Recipes - Mike says :

    I hope your GF life is going well. Eight years is quite a while already. I would think the self-control/discipline is somewhat second nature for you now. I’ve only had it a few years, and I am generally not even tempted by anything I shouldn’t eat, though I admit I really envy the person eating a deep dish pizza or fresh French bread or such on occasion 🙂

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