Service is an integral part of following Christ. It is not optional. It is not biblical to serve even half-heartedly. It is to be our passion. By launching into service, we are traveling deeper into sanctification; understanding what it means to love the Lord with all our heart, mind, strength, and soul, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.


Outreach Week is a unique experience. For a college institution to set up a program for college students to serve in local churches and then cancel classes for them to take advantage of this program is truly unique. There is no possible way for me to write everything the Lord taught me during this last week in one post. Its length would intimidate even the most voracious blogivore.


This year, I co-led a team with Emily Greer up to Lancaster Evangelical Free Church. My roommate and friend Patrick Beal and Melody McClure rounded out Team LEFC. I didn’t really know Emily and I had no clue Melody even existed before this week. One of the blessings of Outreach Week is meeting new people and really getting to know them through serving alongside them. There is something intrinsically edifying and encouraging about service. It’s almost as if we were created to serve… Some may criticize the rational behind Outreach Week, claiming it to be unauthentic service, as real service is continual service in the same location. I beg to differ. To see the change in people’s eyes and the lives impacted is an outward manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit, regardless of the time spent in a given location. Take every opportunity to serve, may it be small or large. It literally only takes a minute to share the gospel with someone. Outreach week is five days long. There is no such thing as an ignoble service.

Most of our service took place with the youth. The first night, we had the blessing of teaching the message. Each of us sat down and shared what the Spirit had been teaching us recently. (In an interesting side note, Melody and Emily sat down and wrote an outline of their talks, Patrick and I just winged it. This seems to be a female/male trend!) I was able to share out of Exodus 20:3, “You shall have no other gods before Me.” Sports have consistently been an anchor slowing my pursuit of God. I know this is true for many other believers who have a competitive nature. As I look back, every time I began to move my focus from Christ and onto sports, I got hurt. While I’m not calling this divine judgment, it is something to think about. When I drift from Christ, Bad Things happen. Those who are loved by God will be corrected by Him. I’m no great teacher. But I hope God used my words in spite of my weaknesses.


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