Run with Endurance

I am convinced spritual inspiration strikes at the strangest moments. I was in the middle of running down Lyons Avenue, which I do quite often when I began to think about the persecution of the church. How would I would react if America began to genuinely persecute us? I am quite willing to run to the point of utter exhaustion, where my muscles are aching, my mouth is like cotton, and my entire body is screaming to stop and rest. Yet, my mind urges me onward, with the realization that I can still run one more step, and another step, and another. I am so willing to lay it all on the line while running for entertainment. Am I willing to do the same spiritually? Am I willing to run to the point of exhaustion? Am I willing to continue to serve when it is hard and my body says “No, Nate it is futile. You can’t do this. You deserve a rest. You’ve worked so hard.” How much harder it is to train for that which is unseen than that which is seen!


Paul shows great insight by comparing the Christian walk to a marathon. It is hard; it takes great training. There will be times where I feel like giving up. Giving up is never an option. The seal of the Holy Spirit cannot be melted off, and He will not let children of God sit around in spiritual apathy! I must discipline my mind the way I do my body, with diligence. Why is it I can easily budget the time to run for an hour, but can barely keep my mind on the Scriptures for ten minutes or even find the time to study them in a given day?  I pray for the grace to be able to endure hardship for the gospel. I am quite willing to endure physical pain for that which is temporary. Oh that our spiritual lives would reflect the diligence with which we pursue the treasures of the earth.


One response to “Run with Endurance”

  1. Jim Brooks says :

    A truly brilliant insight. You must have incredible parents who brought you up right.

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