What is the Point?

Why does the internet need another blog? It seems there are plenty of blogs in cyberspace. Blogs covering religion, sports, photography, and gossip ad nauseum. However, there seems to be an incredible absence of truly edifying discussions over the web. The internet has become the escape of my generation. Between AIM, Facebook.com, and MySpace, we have become incredibly adept at having utterly meaningless interaction with each other. How tragic! The internet can be utilized for so much.

It is my prayer for this page to cause people ~ my friends and myself ~ to ponder anew what the Almighty can do. In all the time I spend on the internet, which is not a great amount, I confess, the most rewarding time has been reading the blog of Gunner Gundersen, my RD and friend. I hope others may be as affected by the insights found here on this page as I have been by his blog. (You can find the link to it on the blogroll.)


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